About Renaissance Builders

In a city renowned for its dynamic residential industry and crowded with home builders, Renaissance Builders is recognized as one of the top tier general contractors of architecturally significant structures for successful Houstonians and Central Texans. Whether it's a much needed renovation of the family home or the construction of a new full-sized estate Renaissance Builders has been trusted for more than thirty-five years by the architectural community and people fortunate enough to commission such projects to accomplish the work with unsurpassed quality of workmanship, enthusiasm for every project, and smooth, efficient project management.

We staff each project from start to completion with an experienced construction superintendant and such other personnel as is necessary to ensure each task is done carefully, correctly and completely in compliance with plans and specifications and accomplish this with subcontractors and employees who appreciate this approach and work in the same manner. We combine this with efficient scheduling of work and materials, close communication with the owner and architect and although working in this manner may take a little longer and may cost a little more it is guaranteed to result in an outstanding product and a lifetime of pride and satisfaction in that most important of personal assets, your home. The results of Renaissance's successful methods are routinely visible in architectural surveys of the city's significant residences, annual homes tours of architecturally designed homes, and in Houston's most elegant communities.